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Geo Challenge for Kids

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◆”Geo Challenge” has been reinvented!!・The ”Spinning Globe” has a Satellite View, as if seen from space! The flags have become more responsive.・Finish each ”Map Quiz” and “Flag Quiz” to receive new photos and movies of your world travels!Try the new and improved ”Geo Challenge” with your kids today!
*For update downloadersPreviously saved passport, quiz, puzzle and other data will remain after updating.---------------*For technical issues, contact our support team
*About passport photographyDue to hardware restrictions, if your camera permission is set to OFF, you will not be able to take photos. Going to SETTINGS, GENERAL, RESTRICTIONS and setting your camera permissions to ON will enable photography.----------------4 Stars “Really cute graphics and engaging play. My daughter really loved the Spinning Globe feature” (user jam3rossi)
Geo Challenge is a fun way for kids to learn the flags and maps of the world. Filled with Puzzles, Quizzes and Flashcards –this app was created by Moms for children everywhere!
Kids will love learning about the world around them with this eye-catching app. Spin the globe and go on an adventure to discover new places. Or take a quiz to test yourknowledge on flags and maps.
While cute and visually engaging, this is more than just a kids game. Expect a genuinely educational experience packed with content that parents can enjoy along with their children.This app includes information about no less than 193 countries (current United Nations members as of November 2012).
It also includes audio to read country names aloud to your child and stickers and stamps to reward progress.
Features• Spinning Globe: spin, zoom and explore the world with your fingertips by touching flags to learn more about each country. Switch between Satellite and Political View• Travel Snaps and Travel Flicks: Finish certain stages to win cool travel photos and movies of yourself traveling around the globe• Map Puzzle: match the country to a place on the map• Map & Flag Quizzes: challenge your country knowledge by selecting the right answer from three choices• Flag Flashcards: memorize the national flags around the world with this study tool• Passport: Take your picture to create your own passport. Get it stamped to record progress.• Suitcase: Discover and collect stickers of your travels all around the world.• Bilingual: Play in English or Japanese
Learn maps, flags and geography while having fun with Geo Challenge. Parents, this app is loaded with features that will make your kids want to learn! Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.
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